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  JMnet USA was awarded certificate of appreciation for its 30th anniversary by Los Angeles City Council September 21, 2004
In September 21, 2004, celebrating its 30th anniversary, JMnet USA received a certification of appreciation from LA City Council. As leading the Korean community to a rapid growth and successfully acting as a strong bridge between mainstream and Korean community after publishing the first issue of The Korea Daily, LA, JMnet USA was acknowledged for its contribution to the community. In LA City Council, an anniversary ceremony was held for JMnet USA, and it was live-broadcasted thru Channel 35, LA City¡¯s public broadcasting channel.
  JMnet USA received Media Award from US Federal Government August 13, 2004
JMnet USA received the 2004 Media Award from the ¡®Minority Business Development Agency¡¯ (MBDA) under the US Department of Commerce. JMnet USA was acknowledged for its contribution in providing professional articles and columns on various fields including business and society. Each year, MBDA awards selected candidates in minority businesses with outstanding achievements and contribution. Awards are provided in nine fields including media, construction, manufacturing, retail, export and civil liberty.
  The Korea Daily, Los Angeles 30th Anniversary Documentary, 30 Years of Joong-Ang¡¯s Footsteps
The Korea Daily, LA celebrated its 30th anniversary of leading Korean-American community development and serving to bridge mainstream America with Korean and Korean American communities.
  Power Korea Special Documentary on Hallyu
Korean pop culture now sweeps across the world with the phenomenon-termed ¡®Hallyu¡¯. With its media power, The Korea Daily, LA has contributed significantly in promoting Hallyu across the United States. Click to watch The Korea Daily¡¯s special, ¡®Hallyu Festival¡¯.