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Growing¡¦ expanding¡¦ exploding with opportunities.
The Korean American market is not only increasing at an exponential rate, it is also multiplying in buying power. Research shows that Korean American households are over three times as likely as all US households to be in the upper-income category, powered by a new generation of Korean American entrepreneurs. This growth in the marketplace means one thing-abundant opportunities for your business.
Growing Population
- There are 2.1 million Korean Americans with 96% of them
   living in metropolitan areas (2007, Korean Ministry of
   Foreign Affair and Trade)
- Population grew 40% in the last decade and continues
   to grow by 2% a year (2000 Census)
Strong Spending Power

- Of the $459.3 billion Asian Americans spent in 2007, Korean
   buying power alone increased from 2000 by 71% to $36.6
- Median household income: $50,565 (104% of total,131% of
  <2000 Census>

Promising Market

Korean Americans are the second-largest share of immigrant business owners: Over 90,000 Korean entrepreneurs own 158,000 businesses across the US: 32% are white-collar professionals; 15% are small to medium size business owners
<2008, Small Business Administration>

High Dependency on Native Language
- Korean Americans have strong ties with their language, lifestyle, and fellow Koreans
- More than 78% of Korean Americans speak Korean on a daily basis
- 98% of Korean Americans use Korean language media daily
   <Source: 2000 Census, 2006 American Community Survey, 2006 The Korea Daily Survey on Korean media
   usage and purchase pattern in Southern California>
Brand Consciousness
- Korean Americans are known to be extremely brand-conscious
- Their tendency toward city living lends to a preference for a metropolitan lifestyle